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1991 Establishment of JSRC
(First president: Prof Machida, T; Jikei Medical Univ.)
@First publication of journal of JSRC
1993 Accession to 2nd president: Dr Satomi, Y. (Yokosuka Kyosai Hospital)
1995 Accession to 3rd president: Prof. Kawamura, J. (Mie Univ.)
1997 Set-up of JSRC Web site
1999 Accession to 4th president: Prof. Murai, M.(Keio Univ.)
2003 Accession to 5th president: Prof. Naito, S. (Kyushu Univ.)
2008 1st annual open lecture on kidney cancer for citizen (Tokyo)
2010 40th memorial meeting of JSRC (Tokyo)
2012 Japan-Korea Kidney Cancer Collaborative Group visiting to Korea
2014 45th meeting of JSRC & 1st East Asia Kidney Cancer Symposium(Tokyo)
2015 Accession to 6th President:Prof. Ozono,S.(Hamamatsu Univ. of Medicine)
2016 47th (25th anniversary)meeting of JSRC(Tokyo)
2017 Accession to 7th President:Prof. Shinohara,n.(Hokkaido Univ.)
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